Sell with Crre

We offer all-round assistance to the customer during all stages of bargaining, helping him to maximize the value of his property and making the sales process effective, fluid and advantageous

We provide property with global advertising exposure on local and international channels that enjoy greater prestige.
We provide our customers with all our experience and guarantee the highest level of professionalism thanks to a deep knowledge of the local and international market, which we constantly monitor through specific analyzes and sector studies. We therefore possess an international culture, which allows us to interact with foreign clients and understand their needs.
Customer portfolio
We constantly update our database of international buyers interested in buying properties in Rome and in Italy, certain to be able to identify the most suitable property for each client.
We are convinced that the sales process must be transparent and develop in a climate of absolute trust, for this reason the constant updating of the owners on our operational choices and on the progress of the bargaining is fundamental.
We develop a personalized marketing plan and study innovative communication actions in order to highlight the uniqueness of each property and give the property an excellent presentation.
We love our work, that’s why we always manage to give our best. We dedicate ourselves scrupulously to the entire sales process taking care of every detail, not by chance our claim is “if you do it right, it will last forever”.