Reduce the risks and guarantee success

CRRE operates to guarantee its own clients the success of a solid property development.
In what way?

With a team of experts that works close to each Client in order to strengthen and to enhance its own Real Estate, reducing the risks and offering the experience and knowledge of the Group in multiple sectors.

Project management
From the project phase up to the operative phase, the CRRE coordinates the entire development of the Clients own Real Estate projects. A team of specialized professionals that detects the client’s needs and the most appropriate strategies in order to reduce to the minimum time, costs and possible risks, and at the same time providing a professional and careful consultance.

Project consulting
The CRRE offers a specialized support to investors and Public Administrations for projects of urban renovation, acting as mediator between the various stakeholders involved. It handles market market research that define the potential of each project and the best development strategy.
It coordinates the reorganization of the territory, it locates figures potentially involved and the necessary instruments.

Repositioning of assets and de-investments
The CRRE guides its own Clients in the repositioning of real estate assets whether its commercial performance drops or stalls. In regards of this, our professionals locate thanks to their competence and experience the potential transformation of assets and elaborate a strategy that meets the Client’s needs. In additional support of real estate asset repositioning, technical services are provided for their own transformation and marketing. The CRRE also offers support regarding the procedures of de-investments of real estate portfolios, defining the potential value of the assets in the most effective strategy for the disposal.

Tenant agency
Through customized consulting, the CRRE is able to provide every single Client’s needs looking for the best renting solution, negotiating on its behalf, the best lease terms with the objective to obtain savings of time and costs. Thank to the thick network of contacts and to the Client’s high quality portfolio, the CRRE is able to offer a wide range of solutions locating the best one for the Client, working for him in total security and protecting him from possible risks and up to the conclusion of the negotiation. This service is meant for Clients that want to re-negotiate the terms of their actual location, and to Clients that are looking for new renting solutions.