The construction division
directs its actions to support shipbuilding and fractional sales. Thanks to the synergy
of various experts in the field, it develops a high quality customized action plan, aimed at the realization of the projects and the needs of the customers, as General Contractor and sole referent throughout the process, from the phase of agreement to the delivery of the properties, both for domestic and foreign customers.

This is a sky-land building, located in Cortina, in Pocol, a few meters away from the ski facilities of the Tofane complex, one of the highest massifs in the Eastern Dolomites.
The building is surrounded by a beautiful natural scenery. The view enjoyed from every window is indescribable. The beauty of the site is combined with the proximity of the property to luxury hotels and ski lifts. All built to perfection with high quality fittings and fittings.

The complex is under construction and consists of a basement and 3 floors above ground, has taverns with bathrooms, cellars, garages and parking spaces, ski storage condominium and technical rooms in the basement.

Each floor has 2 apartments for a total of 6.

– high energy savings
– Use natural materials
– Condensing boiler with high efficiency
– Integrated plant system, heating, electrical and special systems

Currently the building is made for 85%, remain to be completed only some parts of the external areas and the basement as well as small finishes of residential spaces.