The construction division
directs its actions to support shipbuilding and fractional sales. Thanks to the synergy
of various experts in the field, it develops a high quality customized action plan, aimed at the realization of the projects and the needs of the customers, as General Contractor and sole referent throughout the process, from the phase of agreement to the delivery of the properties, both for domestic and foreign customers.

Raffaele Barletta begins the story of Barletta Costruzioni in the 50s: the era of brick, reconstruction, the demographic and economic boom. In an Italy destroyed by war, Raffaele participates in the reconstruction of the country. A man of undoubted entrepreneurial qualities, he seizes the chances of post-war Italy. Barletta Costruzioni ever since, thanks to a low price policy, without renouncing the quality of the materials and the liveability of the spaces, helps the Italians to fulfill the dream of a life: having a home of their own.

The CRRE SrlClaudio Rigamonti Real Estate Srl in collaboration with Barletta Costruzioni offers for sale exclusive garage-cars of various sizes and dimensions and cellars / motorcycles places of new construction.

The car park is located in Viale della Primavera 89 and covers an area of over 4000 square meters.

Structured on two levels, served by 2 large ramps counts as a whole:

147 Single Boxes
10 double boxes
26 Motorcycle seats / cellars
Delivery 2018