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Claudio Rigamonti, founder and soul of the Company, strongly believed in the dream of bringing a new business idea into the real estate landscape.

His vision comes from a deep knowledge of the global market built in over twenty years of intense activity on the national and international territory, and is the result of a thought that always starts from the needs of the customer, making them their own and treating them as such. CRRE is a well-established company in the real estate sector, specialized in brokering, buying and selling real estate. Organized and active in the residential and business real estate market, with specific divisions for each sector, it presents itself as a reality capable of covering the totality of needs. The wealth of experience and the ability to observe acquired thanks to the constant operation on the market, allow CRRE to understand and accurately estimate industry trends. The Company provides the Customer with highly qualified professionals and an advanced know-how, which meets the current market trends, ensuring superior advice, evaluations and analyzes with different degrees of detail.